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System Requirements Engineering

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Requirements Engineering is key to any successful project.

Even though getting the requirements right is critical to smooth running projects, it is too often neglected, or not given the management priority that is needed.

We all know that Requirements change over time.  That's a given. How you manage that change is what really matters.

If you don't properly manage your requirements, it is nearly impossible to successfully manage the project.

Good Requirements Engineering leads to:

We have a strong interest in Requirements Analysis and Engineering. We implement a requirements management process on all of our consulting engagements. We know that it is such a critical factor in well managed and successful projects; that we just can't operate without it.


We've developed our own Requirements Analysis and Engineering service named: System Requirements. It is provided on a Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, deployment model.

It hosts a large number of features and offers a lot of benefits to both large and small teams. This application is highly customizable via its declarative business logic and metadata based configuration. You can check it out, and take it for a live test drive over here.

Key Features

Reference Material

A very good book in this field is the:

Software & Systems Requirements Engineering In Practice


We offer web based, and on-site training for our System Requirements application.

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