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What we offer:


Consulting Services

System Dynamics Inc. has been involved in large scale application development for over twenty years. We have extensive expertise in all stages of software development.

We can build enterprise grade solutions for your business with requirements analysis, planning, design, implementation, and support.

Specifically, we offer:

Although we provide advisory services, our primary emphasis is on getting stuff done. Simply put, it is all about execution.

We can help you deliver great software by bringing:

1Small Sharp Teams with proven Skill Sets

We've consistently seen where Small Sharp teams build projects faster, and better than do large teams. Small Sharp Teams have:

  • Better team Synergy
  • Less inter process communication overhead
  • A better understanding of responsibility
  • A better sense of ownership
  • A lot fewer meetings

2A Sense of Urgency

To get things done, your project team needs to have an ever-present sense of urgency. That commitment to get things done now, and not to defer them. A sense of urgency does not mean being rushed; it simply means having a commitment to get things done as soon as possible.

3Attention to Detail

Software development is all about the details. In large software projects there are 100's of thousands small details. Every one of them needs to be implemented; verified and continually tested. We understand this. Attention to detail is the single biggest factor in delivering great software.

4Follow-Through to Completion

Follow-Though is seeing every detail through to its completion. It is very common for feature implementations, testing, documentation etc. to stall at somewhere near the 80% complete stage. When this starts to occur systemically across a project; it is usually a big red flag that the overall project is in danger. We understand the root causes of the never-ending 80% complete syndrome; and can help your projects avoid it.

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